Unit 4 My Holiday导学案及单元检测

Unit 4



(1)能听、说、读、写句型:Where did ent to Xin jiang。


go on

your holiday? I w

(2)能够听懂 Let's try 部分的录音并完成听音、圈图的练习。 (3)能够理解、说唱“Where Did You 学习重点:句型:Where did you Go On Your Holiday”

go on your holiday? I went to Xin jiang。

学习难点:在实际情景中正确应用所学对话。 学习过程 一、自主学习 1. 复习上一学时新课呈现部分所学的词组。 2. 播放 chant,师生一起吟唱。 3、播放 A Let’s learn 部分的录音,学生跟读并拼读动词短语。 二、合作交流 1、呈现学习提纲。 2、 听录音,跟读 Let’s talk 部分的内容。 3、 出示能拼成重点句型的单词卡片,要求学生在最快的时间内组合成句。 4、Let’s chant. 放歌谣录音,全班跟唱。 三、.达标练习: 完成闯关练习。第一关:我来翻译 1.假期你去了那里?-------------------------------------------------2.我去了新疆------------------------------------------------------------------------。 3.你去那里做了什么?-----------------------------------------------------------------第二关:我能选择 1. ______ did you go on your holiday?---I went to Shanghai. A .What B. Where C. When 2.Whai did you do on your holiday?---I ___and ____with my new friends. A. sang, danced B. sing , dance 3.How did you go to Chendu?---I went _____plane. A .on B. to C. by 第三关:排列句子我能行 1.Where,on,LiuYun ,go, her, holiday, did?------------------------------------------------------------------------2.sang, danced, and, I, my, with, new, friends ----------------------------------------------------------------3.took ,many, in ,Tibet, pictures, I -----------------------------------------------------------------------------. 第四关:我是小记者仿照例子,调查小组内成员假期都去了那里,做了什么,填 写表格并汇报。 Where did you go on your holiday? —————————. What did you do there? ___________________.

Unit 4 My holiday 测试题及答案 A 卷
Listening part 听力部分 一、 Listen and choose:听录音,选出你所听到的单词。(10 分) ( ) 1. A. where B. here C. there ( ) 2. A. boat B. bought C. boot ( ) 3. A. that B. than C. then ( ) 4. A. stay B. study C. story ( ) 5. A. parents B. presents C. prepared ( ) 6. A. last B. left C. leave ( ) 7. A. saw B. was C. were ( ) 8. A. watch B. wash C. water ( ) 9. A. ate B. eat C. date ( )10. A..skiing B. skating C. sang 二、Listen and match.听音,连线。(6 分) Name Where What How 1、 Mike Shanghai I climbed a mountain. by train. 2 、 Amy Guangzhou I took many pictures. by bus? 3 、Chen Jie Beijing. I ate good food. by plane? 三、Listen and choose:听问句选择答句(10 分) ( )1. a. We went to Canada on our holiday. ( )2. b. We went by plane. ( )3. c. We made a snowman. ( )4. d. Yes, I did. ( )5. e. I go to school on foot. 四、 Listen and fill in the blanks.听音,补全句子。(14 分) On my holiday, I to Yunnan by . . I a and many pictures. I many for my parents. I was so happy. 五、 Read and write.请写出这些动词的过去式。(10 分) eat-sing-have-do-take--go--see--buy---get--dance---六、圈出错误选项并把正确的改写在横线上:(10 分) 1.My sister readed a book yesterday. ------------------------------------2.Did you saw elephants last -----------------------------------------weekend? — —


3. At Monday we went to a park.——————————————

4. I have fun with my friends last weekend. — — ------------------------------------5.I went sking last Sunday. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — _ 七、Read and choose:单项选择:(10 分) ( ) 1. He usually_________to school on foot. A. went B. go C. goes ( ) 2. They to Beijing last Sunday. A. get B. got ( ) 3. We left Beijing__________February 1st. A. in B. at C. on ( ) 4. _______did you do there?

I learned English.

( ( ( ( ( (

A. When B Where C. What ) 5._______did you go? A. When B. Where C. What ) 6.I am________my homework. A. did B. doing ) 7. I________dinner last night. A. cooks B. cooked ) 8. We_________to Harbin last year. A. go B. went )9. Tomorrow I’ll_______home. A. back B. be C. be back )10. ____did you go to Canada? --By plane.

A. What B. Where C. How 八、Read and translate. 写出相应的汉语意思。(5 分) a long holiday on the first day the last day have a good time make a snowman 九、Read and choose. 问答匹配:(10 分) ( ) 1. Where did you go on your holiday? a. I do my homework. ( ) 2. What do you usually do on Sundays? b. I played football. ( ) 3. What are you going to do? c. I am going to play football. ( ) 4. How did you go to school yesterday? d. By bike. ( ) 5.What did you do last Sunday? e. I went to Zhejiang.

十、回答问题:(10 分) 1. What did you Chinese ) 2.Did 答) 3.What you take














pictures ) 4. Did you eat 答) 5. When did Tuesday. ) good you food go last to Friday? a ( 肯 ( 定 回


十一、Read and translate. 争当小小翻译家。(5 分) 1 we left Beijing 1st. 2.What holiday? did you do





3. We relaxed work. 4.Tomorrow home! to school?

and I’ll


to be




5 How


back you go


Unit 4: My holiday A卷 听力材料 一、1. where 2. bought 3. that 4. story 5. prepare 6. left 7. was 8. watch 9. date 10. skiing 二、1、Amy :Where did you go on your holiday, Mike? Mike: I went to Guangzhou.

Amy :What did you do there? Mike: I ate good food. Amy :Did you go there by plane? Mike: Yes, I did. 2. Chen: Amy, did you visit your grandparents on your holiday? Amy: No, I went to Shanghai with my parents. Chen: What did you do there? Amy: I took many pictures. Chen: Did you go there by plane? Amy: No. We went there by train. 3. John: Did you have a good time on your holiday, Chen Jie? Chen: Yes, I did. John: Where did you go? Chen: I went to Beijing. I climbed a mountain. John: Did you go there by bus? Chen: Yes, I did.
三、1.How did you go there? 2. Where did you go on your holiday? 3. How do you go to school every day? 4. Did you have a good time? 5. What did you do there? 四、 On my holiday, I went to Yunnan by train. I climbed a mountain and took many pictures. I bought many presents for my parents. I was so happy. 参考答案 Unit 4: My holiday 一、1. A 2. B 3. A 二、三、1.b 2. a A卷 4..C 3. e 5. C 6. B 4. d 5. c 7. B 8. A 9. C 10. A

四、 On my holiday, I went to Yunnan by train. I climbed a mountain and took many pictures. I bought many presents for my parents. I was so happy. 六、1.“readed”改为“read” 2. “saw” 改为“see” 3. “At” 改为“On” 5. “sking”改为“skiing” 七、1. 6. B 九、1.e B 7. B 2. a 2. B 8. 3. C B 3. b 9. C 4. d 4. C 10. C 5. c 2. No, I didn’t. 3. I took pictures. 5.B 4. “have” 改为“had”

十、1. I learned English. 4. Yes, I did.

5. I went to a park last Tuesday.


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