大英4 期末口语考试话题

听说教程每单元 Part B—Speaking Tasks—Pair Work—A. Reflections on the text. Unit 1 Friendship; Unit 2 Dealing with cultural differences Unit 5 Memory Unit 6 Wealth Unit 7 Anti-smoking Unit 8 Aging Unit 10 Addiction Unit 11 Home-schooling Unit 12 Opinion Polls Unit 16 Crime and Punishment

1 Friendship; D: See, we have just learned about the friendship in the unit 1. So, do you have many bosom friends? S: Of course I do. There are lots of intimate friends around me .Life without friends is like life on a desert island . D: You are so correct. Our friends are very important to us , just as the saying goes , “ If you tell your joy to your friend ,your joy will double .And if you pour your sorrow to your friend , your sorrow will be reduced by half .”We need to treasure our friends . S: Exactly, we need friends to share our experiences, our joy and sorrows. In the difficulties, our friends are usually the ones we turn to, for advice, for comfort and for courage. It’s unimaginable how one could live without friends. D: Yeah, ture friendship is really important. It is a plant of slow growth, which is based on warmth, trust and shared experience. S: By the way, do you know how to keep our friendship alive ? D: Remember important days in your friends’ live is can nurture friendship. S: What’s more, we can’t win a friend with gifts only. D: Yeah, to tell you the truth, I think truthfulness and tenderness are the two elements that keep friendship alive. We need to trust each other and to be of tenderness . S: You are right. Truthfulness and tenderness are of great value .I hope we both can keep them in our minds .

2 Dealing with cultural differences W: I was in bad mood today , It is upsetting to find that I unintentionally offended an American student . How ashamed I was . F: Oh , I’m sorry to hear that . You should have learned how to deal with cultural differences. It’s very important. W:I know… But have you known anything about cultural differences ? F: Let me tell you . Different cultures have their own rules of behavior. People from different cultural backgrounds may have very different beliefs, religions, customs and habits. Ignorance of cultural differences often causes misunderstanding, offense, or embarrassment in cross-cultural communication. W: I see , Do you mean that to avoid misunderstanding or giving unnecessary offense we must develop a cross-cultural perspective? F:Yes , We must remember that all cultures are equal, Having a respect for other cultures and learning about their basic characteristics are effective ways to promote international communication. W: I get it . People from different countries speak different languages , keep different value systems ,and have different ways of looking at things ,and we must respect them . right ? F: Right !

3 Memory F: I have a bad memory recently . I have been upset by it . Should I go to see a doctor? . W: I’m sorry to hear that . but you don’t need to turn to a doctor for help . There must be some methods to help you improve your memory . Don’t worry about it . F: Thank you for comforting me . Could you tell me how to improve my memory ? W: It’s my pleasure . You know, There are three major types of memory: sensory memory, which is the recording of information through our sensory system; short-term memory or working memory, which is temporary storing of information, and long-term memory, which refers to the storing of information for a longer period of time. F: And so ? W: So you can try to keep a diary ,recite what you have learned , and think back on things several times before you go to bed . F: Do you mean that for improving memory , it requires attention, repetition and associated ideas? W: Exactly,and you must also allow the brain to have enough sleep and rest. F: Oh , I understand . Thanks for informing me of these .

4 Wealth W: F, you know, Wealth is usually associated with affluence, prosperity, and comfort, and to a lesser degree, with honor, respect and admiration. And I think the amount of money represents wealth best. Do you think so ? F: I’m afraid I can’t agree with the view you just expressed . Many of us think life would become easier and freer if we had more money , but in my mind , though money is crucial to people’s lives , it can’t represent how wealthy people are . There are other things , such as love, friendship and good health , that decide whether you are wealthy . not only the money . W: Well, but many a time , lack of money is the obstacle that prevents people from pursuing their cherished goals in life .Modern life is built around money . F: No one can deny that what you think is reasonable , but you need to know ,money isn't everything ,and it can be lost . People have all the money in the world, he is wealthy in material ; people own love, friendship and good health and so on may be the most wealthy guy . W: Okay, we both show different views on wealth , and maybe you are right , but I insist on mine . F: Of course, It all depends on you .

5 Anti-smoking F: Stop ! Do not smoke in front of me . you know I hate breathing in cigarette smoke ! W: Oh I’m so sorry , I didn't do it on purpose . F: You must have been a smoker for a long time , don’t you realize cigarette’s harmful influence on your health ? W: I’m aware of the fatal results of smoking , but I can’t quit it , I have tried many times , but I failed. F: Oh god ! You must do something to steer clear of smoking . The harmfulness of smoking to health is increasingly being recognized. Research has shown that smoke from the average cigarette contains around 4,000 chemicals, at least 43 of which cause cancer. W: Is smoking so serious ? I F: Of course ! So I’m strongly against smoking . Smoking not only does harms to yourself, but also to nonsmokers .Secondhand smoke is also a cause of lung cancer among nonsmokers . W: I see . I also class smoking as my enemy ,By the way , I never smoke in public areas , because some anti-smoking people and groups may punish me . I will try my best to quit it . F: It needs time , but I really hope that you can make it .

6 Aging F: One of my father’s friends got serious lung cancer, and he has been in hospital for a long time, The doctor said that he would gone within four months . It’s horrible. W: I’m sorry about that bad news . But don’t be sad, aging comes to everyone after they reach a certain age .and aging occurs in all living things. With advancing age major changes take place in the human body, such as the decline of hearing and vision, the inflexibility of blood vessels and so on. So , just face it with optimism . F;But I’m still scared . Do you think that science medicine can save one’s life and make him live longer ? W: It can do this on most occasions .but I think one wants to run in front of age , he must form healthy habits in life , such as exercise regularly, stay way of smoking , have a balanced diet and so on .Human life is too precious for us to terminate it . F: En , we can’t prevent aging from coming to us , but we can stop it from coming so fast . W: Yes , and a correct attitude toward aging is not to surrender in the face of time .

7 Addiction W: I just learned from the TV that there are a large number of drug addiction people around us , especially young people , and the number is getting larger . It’s very scaring, do you think so ? F: Yes , I agree with you . Drug abuse is a serious social problem in the world today. Drugs that are commonly abused refer to heroin and cocaine. W: Why so many people , especially young people , take drugs ? F: Oh , some people take drugs to temporarily forget their problems , reduce stress, while some young people may try drugs out of curiosity , to make them look cool and so on .When they find themselves are addictive to drugs , a majority of them can’t get rid of them . W;And the TV said that use of these drugs often leads to chemical addiction, which in turn leads to serious health disorders, even death. Drug abuse often leads to crime. F: Yes, drug addiction threatens not only the lives of individual children and their families, but also the future of the country . The government should take effective measures to reduce the extent of the problem. 8 Home schooling W: have you heard of the home schooling? F: YES Home schooling is the education of children at home, typically by parents but sometimes by tutors, rather than in a formal setting of public or private school. Is it right? W: Right. Although prior to the introduction of compulsory school attendance laws, most childhood education occurred within the family or community So what do you think of the home schooling? F: I think it's really a stange way to learn.I can't understand why somebody would chose this way to teach their children.Can you tell me the benefit of home-schooling. W: Home schooling yields positive academic, social, emotional, and spiritual benefits for any family that is willing and prepared to give it a chance. There is also the benefit of reducing your childs exposure to peer pressure regarding drugs, alcohol, and sexual activity. F: Then as a matter of fact, there are several disadvantages and you need to find out if they outweigh the advantages in your particular situation. W: you mean children lack of connection with others? F: sure. The major disadvantage of home schooling seems to be the lack of socialization that it offers to the child. It certainly is true that the child will have less interaction with their peers than those who attend public school on a regular basis. One more disadvantage of home schooling is the cost. It can cost hundreds of dollars per year, just for you to be able to teach your child at home. W: child c In a word,every kind of education patterns has its advantage and disadvantage,so parents should choose the style that suits for your children on the basis of your family condtion.We believe every an be successful.

9 Opinion Polls F: Do you know the thing that's always struck me as odd about opinion polls? W: What's that?

F: The percentages. Like recently there was a survey about what people thought about traffic, and petrol prices, and public car parks. In some car parks it now costs something like 5 pounds to park a car for half an hour. W: Yeah, but I don't see what you're getting at. F: What I mean is the percentages in the results. So there might be 70% of people who complained about high petrol prices, and 60% who want to see the traffic reduced, and 65% who think car park charges are too high. Does that mean that there are 35% who actually think the charges are OK and would even be prepared to pay more, and another 30% who think petrol prices are OK? I mean that's absurd. I don't know anyone who doesn't think they're too high. W: Well, actually I think we should pay more. F: Come on, you're joking. W: I believe this opinion polls have reflect public opinions. it depends to a large extent on a scientific selection of the sample, good design of the questions. The polls give accurate datas and reliable information. It can express someone’s views.So you should try to change your mind and accept the truth. F: Well, anyway, I still can't believe that 30% of those people who said car park charges were OK. W:Well, maybe that's where you are wrong. Just think about this more taxes should be charged on petrol, to discourage people from using cars, and a kind o f graded charging system for car parks depending on how far they are from the city center.And you'll realize that perhaps it's not so stupid as it sounds. 10 Crime and Punishment W: dear, my mobile phone was stolen yesterday! I was so upset. F:I am sorry to hear about that. But where have you been yesterday? W: mangrove forest, with my teachers and classmates. F: you should be careful when you go out to play. You know, the crime rate is rising rapidly. So me are crimes against property, and some are crimes against persons .Some involve both prope rty and people.! W:I know. I just don’t understand why they steal others’ possession without guilt. I do hope the y will have a strong punishment F: I think Poverty is the mother of crime. Besides, the gap between the rich and the poor, poor education, and the lack of moral power are also related to the crimes. W: as well as the lack of effective enforcement of laws! F: you are right . as for the punishment. There should never be suspicion of capital punishment . Murderers whose motive is money should not get off lightly. Criminals must be made to see t he consequences of their crimes. "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth" is the very basis of jus tice. W: yes and Those who are lenient to criminals are unkind to innocent people.


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